helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

We see Jesus doing this through His ministry and on the cross, Jesus shows us the vision of what a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ looks like. The best way to see our vision is to look where Jesus looked, to see what Jesus sees. Our desire is for His vision to be our vision. What was Jesus' vision on the cross?

First, we see Jesus looking UPWARD - exalting the Father. Twice on the cross in Luke 24:24-26, Jesus looks upward and says "Father." Our vision is to be a church giving opportunity, atmosphere, challenge, teaching, and inspiration to be a people that passionately worships, corporate and individually with all our hearts.

Next, we see Jesus looking INWARD - encouraging believers. In Luke 24:39-43, we have the account of the thief on the cross that believed Jesus. Jesus had vision to see those who believed, cared for, ministered to, loved and nurtured in the ways of the Kingdom of God. Our vision is to be an encouraging church where love is felt and seen through divine acts of kindness.

Thirdly, we see Jesus looking FORWARD - equipping ministers. In John 18:25-27, Jesus looks forward with vision for the future leaders of the Church to surrender to the Father wholeheartedly. Our vision is to be a church equipping believers to not just make church service happen, but to be agents of the Kingdom of God every place we go.

Finally, we see Jesus looking OUTWARD - evangelizing. In Luke 23:24-29, the world rejected Jesus, but He reached out in love and even prayed "Father forgive them..." Not only did we see Jesus do this, but after the resurrection, the church was filled with the Holy Spirit and turned the known world upside down with the Gospel. We take the Great Commission seriously and are agents for the Kingdom of God.


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