ACTS 29.

christian education

On Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and in homes at other times during the week A.C.T.S. 29 will provide training and caring for people who will then make an impact in our world, sharing the message of life in Jesus Christ and being the “Monday Morning Church” while “Pursuing His Priorities”, leaving a “Mark” while working “In Unity” as we are “Going For Greatness and Learning to Love." And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. ~1 Corinthians 13:13 (NKJV)


Ezekiel & 2nd Corinthians

Rev. Jerry Schloe
Unit 1: Ezekiel
Ezekiel uses vivid prophecies and provocative images confront God’s rebellious people. Yet this Book also offers practical insight into how God’s people interact with an unbelieving world today.

Unit 2: Second Corinthians
Paul viewed the Corinthian Church as a growing child to which he could provide fatherly direction. We can learn much from Paul about what it means to affirm and to practice what we believe.
Rev. Jerry Schloe

Receiving the 12 Blessings of Israel

Edgar Trujillo
Class Starting in March - In this book Pastor Paul Thangiah discusses the blessings, attitutes and consequences that impacted each of the 12 sons of Israel and their respective descendants. And shows us how our attitutes as Christians will have a similar impact on the purpose that God has for each of our lives. The book has been written with powerful annoyting of the Holy Spirit and accurately addresses the challenges of the modern Christian.
Edgar Trujillo

Growth Track

Pastor Joe Adams

In this four week experience, you will learn the DNA of The Worship Center, how to DEVELOP your personal walk with Christ, and how to DISCOVER the unique gifts God has given you.

Growth Track is your NEXT STEP to becoming all you were mean to be and more.

Pastor Joe Adams


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